Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Joe Craig
Franklin Watts, 2011, 55p

Lifters is classed as a short read in my library - part of the Rivets series of books. The text is larger and there is less writing on each page, to avoid intimidating the reluctant reader.

Yet the content isn't patronising - the plot jumps from the point of view of Adaq, a street jumper who works with his sister to pickpocket, and Special Agent Tenzer, who is on the case of a mysterious package. Their paths cross when Adaq steals the package, unaware of its contents or value, and drama unfolds.

Despite the unsavoury nature of Adaq's passtime, you sympathise with him, as Adaq feels guilty about his actions. Craig implies that Adaq has no choice - that his older sister makes him steal for a living.

Short and sweet. This book is a complete page-turner. The plot is fast paced, and very addictive - I constantly wanted to know more and find out what happened next, even when I'd finished it.

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