Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Beast of Whixall Moss

The Beast of Whixall Moss
Pauline Fisk
London, Faber, 1997, 120p

This book is really something - but I think I'm going to struggle to describe it. It is a true mystery, and it may be some time before I truly come to a conclusion on it.

The Beast of Whixall Moss is about Jack and his family. They live in a isolated cottage far from anything, except a creek. Living in a boat on the creek is a young girl, an old grey haired man, and a beast. Jack becomes fascinated with the beast, and with its owners. The beast is beautiful and incredible. It's six headed. And it draws people towards it.

Pauline Fisk writes incredibly well - part of her charm is that she never actually gives anything away. She never fully describes the beast - she just tells the reader how beautiful it is. The beast isn't named. She never really pinpoints the effect it has on those who see it; but through her incredible writing, she draws the reader into her story, in the same way that the beast draws people in. 

I feel like this book has had a rather odd effect over me. Jack found the beast to be mesmerising, beautiful, and distracting - he couldn't think about anything else. I think Fisk's story has had the same effect on me... something I find incredible!

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