Thursday, 6 February 2014

Operation Ouch

Operation Ouch: Your Brilliant Body
Dr Chris van Tulleken & Dr Xand van Tulleken
London, Little, Brown, 2013, 216p

I thought I'd dabble in some non-fiction for a bit of a change. I am no scientist, and it never did anyone any harm to do a little revision on the biology of the body.

Dr Chris and Dr Xand are twin brothers who present CBBC's Operation Ouch. This book is the culmination of all their bodily knowledge, containing lots of information about the human body, from ears to skin to toes. Each chapter is full of interesting facts broken down into easy nuggets of information. There are also little multiple-choice quizzes, challenging your general knowledge, and "Did You Know?" sections to tell you about the weird and wonderful.

I really like the tone of this book - it is upbeat, bouncing back and forth between the brothers, it is informative, and it is witty. I am no expert, but it all seems very accurate. It helps that Xand and Chris are instantly likeable, even for someone who has never seen their show.

And I learned something new! Apparently, "umani" refers to the sorts of foods that have a strong savoury flavour, like cheese and meat. Interesting....

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