Sunday, 11 January 2015

Note to Readers

Dear beloved reader,

In this new year, I am massively overhauling my life. I have a new job in a new home and a new car (something deemed not particularly exciting for some, but a highlight for me). 

As such, the format of this blog will be changing a little. I will still write reviews, because I love to do it, but I will not write about every book I read - I will just offer you some of the highlights. 

This is because the changes in my life mean I will have a little less time for reading and blogging, and I will be reading more of what I want to read, as opposed to reading to keep up to date for my job in a school. 

However, I still want to be part of this vibrant community of writers and bloggers that I have seen flourish in the last few years. 

So please let me continue.

Kind regards,

Katherine x

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