Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Midnight Library

The Midnight Library
Kazuno Kohara

It is a little self-appraising of a librarian to love a book about libraries, but that is not stopping me.

The Midnight Library, as you might imagine, is a library that is only open at night. It's regular customers include animals from all over town, and it is run by a lovely little librarian and her three assistant owls.

But things don't always run smoothly in the library. A band of musical squirrels come in, clashing their drums and banging their cymbals. But the kind librarian finds somewhere they can practice their music without disturbing the other visitors. In another corner, a wolf is crying that her story is so sad, but the librarian manages to convince her to see it through to the happy ending.

The illustrations by Kohara are gorgeous - bold and contrasting - it is the kind of book you really want to take care of.

It is a beautiful picture book about a magical library, though if you ask me, all libraries are pretty magical.

Happy World Book Night!

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