Sunday, 25 November 2012

Numbers 3 Infinity

Numbers 3 Infinity
Rachel Ward
Frome, Chicken House, 2011, 247p

Finally, the third novel in the Numbers trilogy arrived at my school library this week. It's not often that a trilogy gets better as it goes along, but Infinity may be one of the exceptions.

Numbers 3 carries on from where The Chaos left off - with Adam, Sarah, and the young Mia taking refuge in a camp site in post-apocalyptic England. Since he predicted The Chaos, Adam struggles with the fact that everyone knows who he is, and seems to want something from him; and it's not long before some unsavoury characters turn up.This story is high-drama and action packed. The young family are kidnapped and suffer extensive tests, as the so-called government try to extract the skills that Adam posses. 

Furthermore, two year old Mia is a subject of interest, since she was able to change her destiny - she was meant to die in The Chaos, but managed to swap numbers and survive. Mia is described as beautiful and angelic, and she is almost old before her time - she is deep and thoughtful and kind. 

I've become very attached to this young family over the course of this series. As Adam repeatedly insists, he did not ask for this 'gift', and sees is more as a curse. Throughout this novel, Ward returns to the idea of destiny - are the numbers set, or can they be swapped? Adam is haunted by death - he sees it in the eyes of everyone he sees. But towards the end of this brilliant series, Ward suggests that people shouldn't focus on the end, but on what is happening now. We should enjoy each day we are lucky enough to live. 

I very look forward to reading more of Rachel Ward's work in the future. She is an inspired writer.

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