Monday, 12 November 2012

Tom Gates: Everything's Amazing (sort of)

Tom Gates: Everything's Amazing (sort of)
Liz Pichon
London, Scholastic, 2012, 409p

Tom Gates was recommended to me by a student who likes the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and other similar titles. Though not something I would personally choose, I can see why my students might like this story.

Tom's story is fun and filled with illustrations. Although the book is 409 pages long, there are very few words on each page, so it's low-pressure and high-reward. It looks almost like a note book - it has wider dimensions than a normal printed paperback, and has loads going on between the covers.

The story is entertaining and light-hearted. Tom takes us through his daily life at school, and tells us about his birthday party plans. The plot is not complicated by drama, but is a very normal story of everyday boyhood. 

I would not hesitate in recommending this to any of my students: from the reluctant reader looking for an easy time, to a more advanced reader who wants a laugh. What more could a school librarian ask for?

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