Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Today Everything Changes

Today Everything Changes
Andy McNab
London, Corgi, 2013, 105p

Andy McNab is an inspirational writer. His journey from disillusioned boy to SAS Officer is incredible. He is an admirable spokesperson for young men who do not see a bright future ahead for themselves.

Today Everything Changes is McNab's biography. In his youth, he was angry at everyone, isolated from society, and living in poverty. He rejected authority and the education system, in preference of petty crime and disobedience. Then he is recruited by the army, and finally finds something he is passionate about. Despite the challenging nature of the training, he is ambitious, hard-working, and eager to move up through the ranks. 

Later in his military training, he is realises that the ability to read will open up a million opportunities to a young army cadet. He has a great teacher, who tells him he is not stupid, but just isn't educated yet. That 'yet' is all McNab needs to inspire him and push him towards success. He loves reading and loves to learn. Through his biography, he inspires others like him to empower themselves through reading. 

In my opinion, McNab is one of the best voices for promoting reading for pleasure amongst  young men. He is easy to relate to - many young men today are feeling what he once felt - lonely, isolated, angry. McNab speaks of opportunity and choice; he makes reading masculine and inspiring. Many of us talk about how to engage reluctant readers, but here, McNab has actually achieved something brilliant. 

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