Monday, 6 May 2013

Begging Letter

Begging Letter
Judy Waite
London, A&C Black, 2011, 80p

My most recent reads have been somewhat heavy and long, so I was looking for something shorter when a student returned Begging Letter

It is a short story about a girl who writes a letter to the Universe wishing a boy at school would notice her and ask her out. Connie hopes Josh will break up with Megan for her, but instantly regrets her wish when it comes true, and Josh makes a move.

This book is a really easy read - simple language and simple plot combine, but with a high enough interest level to tempt those teenage readers with low literacy abilities. It does not patronise, but tells a fun, girly story. This Wired Up series offer a range of books with basic language but entertaining stories, which appeal to reluctant and low-ability readers alike. 

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