Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Dragonsitter

The Dragonsitter
Josh Lacey
London, Andersen, 2012, 55p

Another short read - I'm easing myself back into blogging after all the long books I've read recently. 

The Dragonsitter is an epistolary novel, made up of emails written between Eddie and his uncle, as Eddie's family look after Uncle Morton's pet dragon. The dragon causes all sorts of mischief, starting with eating the pet rabbit, to setting fire to the post man. Eddie and his family have no idea how to sedate the dragon, who eats everything and obeys nothing. And they cannot locate Uncle Morton, who apparently isn't at the hotel he said he was visiting, and who will not reply to Eddie's emails.

This is a really lovely and easy read. The story is matched with pictures showing the dragon's misdeeds, so the plot is clear. It is funny and ridiculous; a sort of supernatural comedy. I think it is quite a low interest level, perhaps suitable for pre-teens, or for advanced primary school children. But even I enjoyed it - what does that say about me?

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