Thursday, 14 March 2013

Horrid Henry's Guide to Perfect Parents

Horrid Henry's Guide to Perfect Parents
Francesca Simon
London, Orion, 2013, 56p

One of the few series my younger brother enjoyed when he was little was Horrid Henry. But they weren't really ever my cup of tea. This new short story is published for World Book Day, but I find myself struggling to find it as funny as I think it's trying to be.

The Guide to Perfect Parents is an advice book written by Horrid Henry. He finds his parents have an advice book about raising children, so decides to use this against him and show other kids how to trick their parents and get everything they want.

Unfortunately, the tactics Horrid Henry suggests are completely ridiculous. Most of his arguments are based on the theory of parents being competitive with other parents, so he suggests kids tell their parents that their friends parents are so much better - "Susan's parents let her play on the computer for as long as she likes". This would NEVER work. 

I am unsure if Horrid Henry has practiced any of these techniques, but I don't suggest listening to his guidance. The result will be very angry parents. 

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