Thursday, 13 March 2014


Amulet: The Stonekeeper
Kazu Kibuishi
London, Scholastic (Graphix), 2008, 187p

The Amulet series was recommended to me by a year 7 girl of low ability but high enthusiasm. I like to check out as many of the books that I buy as possible, particularly if it is part of a series. And with this graphic novel, I was immediately gripped, thrown into an action-packed thriller with beautiful illustrations. 

Emily, Navin and their mother move to their great-grandfather's long-abandoned house, shortly after a family tragedy. Whilst cleaning up the place, the children stumble upon some untold secrets in mysterious rooms, and Emily finds an enchanting necklace. In the night, strange noises creak around the house, and on investigation, their mother is taken by a disgusting tentacled creature. Emily and Navin follow close behind, determined to get their mother back at any cost.

The children make a formidable team, demonstrating the power of young protagonists. They are supported by a brilliant, original team of heroes, made up of robots and rabbits. It is a magical tale, in a world where anything can happen and anyone can exist - a fantastic demonstration of limitless imagination. 

The design of the book is phenomenal. I couldn't take my eyes of the pages, taking in the detail of the illustrations, especially the landscapes. This is the first book in an extended series, and I cannot wait to see where we go next!

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