Monday, 17 March 2014


Cathy Brett
Edinburgh, Barrington Stoke, 2013, 69p

I feel a great sense of victory when I am able to read book in just one day, even if it is a short read...

Graphic is the story of Joe, who is brilliant at art. He likes to hang around after school in the art room, partly so he can practice his skills, but also because Honey Jackson also hangs out there after school working on her fashion portfolio. The only problem is that Honey has a boyfriend. Then, Joe finds that some of the things he draws come true - he could get anything he wants, he could be rich, he could finally get to date Honey; but perhaps some wishes are better left unfulfilled.

This dyslexia friendly short read from Barrington Stoke. These books are tested with young readers to ensure they meet their needs and interests. And because it is a book about an artist, it's pages are filled with illustrations, helping with the visualisation of the story. Graphic is a great example of a fast-paced, high interest level novel for teens.

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