Saturday, 1 March 2014


Robert Swindells
Edinburgh, Barrington Stoke, 2014, 50p

Rumour has it that this short novel is based on a true story.

When Alfie gets a brand-new, top of the range camera for his birthday, he doesn't expect it to put his life at risk. Trying out his new gadget, Alfie witnesses a robbery, and photographs the events. But walking home from the incident, he starts to worry he is being followed, and someone won't stop until the images are destroyed.

This is an unusually long sample of Barrington Stoke publishing, with a higher word count than most of their short reads. But this added to the story, giving Swindells room to play with characterisation and dramatic tension. As such, Alfie has time to wander down side streets and try to shake off his follower, and the reader becomes embroiled in the fear.

Snapshot has been published in the past, so this is a reproduction of the short novel. It is perfect for reluctant or low ability readers, and contains a story that I would recommend to all.

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